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Moving Again Like you Used To


We're the official orthopaedic & sports medicine provider for the Arkansas Razorbacks and many Northwest Arkansas schools.



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Larry Balle, M.D.
Mark Powell, M.D.
David Yakin, M.D.
Terry Sites, M.D.
Christopher Arnold, M.D.


I drove 65 miles each way to see the physical therapists at Advanced ORthopaedics, and it was the best decision i ever made. They got me back on my feet again - when other therapists couldn't help. I also learned it doesn't have to be a painful experience! the staff at AOS has genuine kindness and empathy as they worked with me to get my knees w...
Ann juckett,  
This is the best thing I've ever done for my body. Dr. Arnold and his staff are fantastic. I'm a very active person and I highly encourage Dr. Arnold for joint replacement...and to follow the instruction from therapy. I can ride my horses again without hurting! 
Ruel Williams,  
I suffered a complete proximal biceps femoris tear while competing in the National Senior Olympic Games. With Dr. Balle's care I was able to compete in the Arkansas Senior Olympic games 4 months later. It has been a painful recovery, but I'm glad I trusted Dr. Balle with my care!
Sherry Marshall, Ms. Senior Arkansas, 2017
Dr. Arnold and his staff are top notch and took great care of me when I played football for the Razorbacks. His quality healthcare allowed me to play at my very best week in and week out. Thank you for being a part of my success and journey to the NFL.
Ryan Mallett, Former Razorback Quarterback
When discussing A.O.S, the term professionals is a drastic understatement. Their process is short, to the point, and yields maximum results. - Evaluate- Operate- Elevate After undergoing their shoulder reconstruction process I can proudly say that I am back on the Track / Field working towards an intensity I've never reached before. HU...
Tyler Christman, Unattached PoleVaulter
Dr. Yakin fixed my shoulder when others couldn't. I'd recommend him to anybody who needs an orthopedic surgeon!
Jon ruston,  
I could not be more pleased with the result that Dr. Chris Arnold achieved by doing rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. I knew I had a serious, painful issue in August of 2018 but put off the surgery until January 2019. By mid March 2019 I was playing golf. The first two weeks after surgery was uncomfortable but not painful, from then on ...
Phil Phillips,  
So thankful for Dr. Wagner and his caring staff. It's been hard watching my boy miss 8 weeks of baseball, but knowing he's healing properly with an excellent treatment plan makes it worth it.
I'm 59 and a half years old and I've had two total knee replacements within two years by Dr. Arnold. I would recommend him to anyone and to never put off your knee pain. I left the hospital relieved of pain on day one.
Bobby Daily,  
Dr. Arnold, along with the Sports Medicine Staff at the University of Arkansas, did a great job keeping me on the field and took great care of me while playing for the Razorbacks. After getting injured while playing for the Buffalo Bills, I knew I could rely on Dr. Arnold to get me back to competing in the NFL.
Chris Gragg, Former Razorback Tight End
I've had both shoulders replaced with excellent results. Dr. Yakin and staff must have done an excellent job as I had quick recovery both times. Physician Specialities Hospital was very clean and organized and the staff was great. Thanks to you all.
Thomas Sandusky,  
Dr. Arnold is the BEST! I will not have anybody else operate on my knees, shoulder, or hip!
After enduring a season ending injury while playing for the Hogs, I knew it would be a tough road ahead to prepare for my future. Dr. Arnold and the Athletic Trainers at the University of Arkansas got me back on the field and competing in the NFL. Dr. Arnold played a big role in helping me reach my goals at the next level.
Robert Thomas, Former Razorback Defensive Tackle
I became Dr. Sites' patient in September 2008. Since then he has provided excellent, expert care of my advanced osteoarthritis shoulder condition. He treats patients as individual persons, not a name on a file; answers all questions fully; sees patients at their appointment time, without waiting. His staff is knowledgeable, efficient and friendl...
J.G., High School Quarterback
The thing I appreciate the most about having Dr. Balle treat me is his courtesy and respect. He was also very clear and succinct about what was occurring and thoroughly explained what I needed to do to get my hand back to normal.
 I just wanted share how refreshing and kind Dr. Balle and the team at Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists are. I've endured ongoing pain in my hip for the past four years and with just one visit my pain was GONE! I've never completed physical therapy and I'm actually excited to do so. Thank you again for the in-depth care, pati...
John-Charles Smith,  
I had a complete knee reconstruction. I tore my ACL, PCL, MCL and both Meniscus. After one year I am finally returning to jumps and tumbling for cheerleading, and I couldn't be happier. It has been a long journey, and I wouldn't be where I am today without Dr. Arnold and his team. They're truly amazing.
Addyson Plunkett,  


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