What type of Ankle Support or Brace is best for your injury?

Trauma of ankle in brace. Isolated.

Commonly when you have injured your ankle, your treating physician will place you into an ankle brace or support to help while you are recovering from your injury.

So what’s the difference between a brace and a support, and when should each one be used?

Ankle Brace: This type of Durable Medical Equipment piece will usually be prescribed for ligament injuries or with fracture care along with some tendon injuries. They will usually have straps and laces to limit certain motions of the ankle. These types of braces provide the support to protect the ligament(s) or the healing fracture.

Ankle Support: This type of Durable Medical Equipment piece will generally be prescribed for milder injuries to the ankle that could include injuries such as tendinitis or bursitis. These are usually a wrap or sleeve that gives compression and warmth as well as giving a form of biofeedback to the patient.

No matter what type of brace or support your Physician prescribes you should use it as another tool in the recovery process of your injury.

Written by Chad Fink, ATC

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